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 Leaks lead to rotten wood replacements

  • As Grandpa always said, the leaks are in the flashing's that either was not replaced or replaced incorrectly. We ALWAYS replace ALL the flashing and SOLDER all the metal flashing to comply with Our LifeTime Guaranteed Roofing System specifications.  All Completely New LifeTime Guaranteed Installation/Projects are Inspected/Managed from beginning to completion by a 3rd.-4th. Generation Family Member.   


 BE AWARE! A Roofing Company with 1 or a few years guarantee on their Labor, WHY, What corner are they cutting? 

 Brown Roofing Cincinnati  upgrades you to LifeTime products/materials and replaces all flashing properly which is the correct method today to meet the expectations of a LifeTime Roofing Shingle System that is Guaranteed for a LifeTIme.  

  • Provides a FREE Upgrade of your Materials to meet our LifeTime Roofing Guarantee Standards at no additional cost to you! 
  • LABOR- GUARANTEED for a LifeTime


Your New LifeTime Roofing will be BEAUTIFUL

 On any given day, we will give you a current installation, if we are finished or not, of that day and the client will be 100% happy with their complete job experience. "Try that with the other guy."  

LifeTime Roof Replacement-Gutters-Siding-Windows and Roof Repairs


Roofing in Cincinnati-Brown Roofing Cincinnati   FREE ESTIMATES,  A+ Rating B.B.B. 

LifeTime Roofing Transferable Written Guarantees,   

A Cincinnati  Roofing Tradition for 3-Generation in Our Family    

"Quality Roofing at Affordable Prices”

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